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Auction introduction
Auction theme: 2019 Dubai art auction, UAE
Auction time: October 26, 2019
Auction Category: Porcelain. Jade. Painting and Calligraphy. Miscellaneous. Coins

C:6.2cm H:28cm BD:10.6cm

青花矾红彩海水龙纹梅瓶,拍品龙纹绘饰精巧,龙首面目栩栩如生,龙须随风飘扬、龙身鳞片起伏鲜明,傲翔祥云波涛之间,整体图案细致繁丽,乾隆御瓷之审美取向,由此亦可见一斑。瓶身绘双龙,大小二龙穿云驾雾,张目咧嘴,戏逐烈焰宝珠,乃御制青花矾红彩瓷精品。 The blue and white alum red color sea water plum vase with dragon pattern is decorated with exquisite dragon pattern. The dragon head is lifelike, the dragon beard is fluttering in the wind, the scales of the dragon body are undulating and bright, and the whole design is intricate and beautiful. The bottle body draws the double dragon, the size two dragon wear the cloud to drive the mist, opens the eyes to drive the mouth, plays by the flame treasure bead, is the imperial system blue and white vitriol red color porcelain high-quality goods.
C:8.2cm BD:4.1cm H:3.9cm
"Shape for open, shallow abdomen, lying feet. Because the cup body to bucket color depicting line pecking early nursing young, posture lifelike, painted seiko, point color depth, porcelain jade-clean and firm. The placental quality is pure and exquisite, the glaze color is rich and moist and quiet, and many are small and exquisite, just can be held in the palm, cup shape is like the cylinder open lie foot, draw has a pair of cock, hen bird, mountain stone flowers and plants, the painting skill is meticulous. The cup bottom has the blue and white bilateral frame, inside the book "the Ming dynasty chenghua system" six characters double line style book. Chenghua doucai scattered very rare, the vast majority of the Beijing Palace Museum and Taipei "Palace Museum" collection, handed down more than 200 pieces of more than 40 varieties, spread to today's chenghua doucai is famous, worthy of collection appreciation.
宣德年制 青花雲龍紋大罐
H:40.5cm C:16cm BD:20cm
The large potis painted with blue-and-white patterns on the outside. The outer edge of the pot is painted with clouds. The shoulders of the potis painted with the faces of four animals, in the middle of which wrote the Chinese characters “Xuandenianzhi”(means it was made in reign of Ming Emperor Xuan Dein regular script) . The belly of the pot is painted with a five-claw dragon  playing in the clouds, turning its head back, withits eyes brimming with radiating vigor, displaying its teeth and brandish its powerful paws. The crotch is painted with a circle of lotus petals, and the whole pot is covered with "ice cracks". There is a very special burning mark on the bottom of the porcelain, which is cross-shaped. It is of high value of collecting and investment.
C:6.2cm BD:2.7cm H:5cm
The whole body painting vivid fine beauty, color steady and bright, represents the auspicious wealth, happiness and peace. The shape of the vessel is elegant and delicate, and the lines are smooth. The shape of the vessel is novel, ingenious in conception, exquisite in painting and meticulous in painting, so as to reach the realm of majestic, clear, rich and colorful, and suitable in color. Is for the typical court ornamental display with utensils, very rare, is a very high collection value boutique!


C:14.5cm H:38cm BD:15.5cm 
蓝地洋彩花卉纹如意双耳瓶,瓶通体洋彩妙绘卷叶番花,溢展西风,肩部巧添如意双耳。整器夺目祥瑞,瑰丽珍稀。乾隆洋彩瓷,工藝卓絕,釉彩豐美,華麗耀目,乃同朝官窰瓷之佼佼者。此件如意耳瓶屬同類洋彩瓷中特為突出之例,繪技精熟,配色明豔,盡顯官窰瓷人巧能臻藝。 The blue ground foreign color flower pattern ruyi two ears bottle, the bottle whole body foreign color wonderful drawing leaf flower, overflow exhibition west wind, the shoulder part adds ruyi two ears skillfully. The whole dazzling auspicious, magnificent rare. Qianlong foreign color porcelain, superb craft, rich glaze color, gorgeous eye, is the official with the same dynasty the best potted porcelain. This piece of auspicious ear bottle belongs to the same kind of foreign color porcelain in particular for outstanding example, painting skill is mature, color matching bright yan, to show the officer kiln porcelain people can be skillful.
清乾隆 八卦鏤空描金轉心瓶
H:25cm C:8.7cm BD:10cm
This is a vase made by the official kiln of the reign of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty. The vase is well-proportioned, with saturated and elegant colors and luster.The creatorpainted and tracedthe flowers design in gold, and the emblazonry is delicate.This auction product is a combination of the application of a variety of techniques such as Gold-Embossing, hollowing, and revolving. It looks extremely luxurious and astounding, and is a benchmark to the pinnacle of porcelain during the Qing Dynasty.
H:34cm;36cm H:34cm;36cm C:10.5cm BD:11.5cm
This group of jade pot spring bottle, trumpet mouth, mouth following harvest slender neck, hanging belly, flat ground, circle foot, glaze more thick, neck down gradually widened into apricot circular pendent belly, curve change round slow. The belly of the bottle is painted with a three-claw dragon, dragon pattern is very characteristic, thin neck long body, bibcock flat long shape, dragon claw anger zhang, is our common sickle-shaped three claws, each piece is powerful, the picture is extremely powerful dragon flying nine days of powerful and vigorous posture. This collection is yuan dynasty porcelain, blue and white painting, along the mouth decorated with curly grass, abdomen three claw line dragon head and tail intersection winding. This jade pot spring bottle blue and blue, longfu spirit, vibrant, can yet be regarded as a blue and white boutique.
H:28.5cm C:13cm BD:13cm
Twisted fetal porcelain, jiaozuo said through the flower porcelain, grain by viviparous, fetal change, the appearance of the same, one side of porcelain, artificial production, endless changes, strong technology, rich decoration. Each product of twisted ceramic has its different texture characteristics, and its texture structure is only similar, not the same. On this vase, the pattern of the vase is incinctly and vividly displayed, which gives people a kind of flowing and changeable aesthetic feeling.
由青銅器肩部裝飾的銜耳環獸首演化而來,通體滿施窯變釉,釉色斑斕絕美,密佈開片,色澤中紅色較重,參雜天藍、月白兩色流淌交融,有“雲亂水光浮紫翠”的詩意之美。 Evolved from the beast head with the title of earring decorated on the shoulder of bronze ware, the whole body is full of kiln glaze, the glaze is gorgeous and beautiful, dense and open, the color of red is heavier, and the two colors of sky blue and moon white flow and blend, with the poetic beauty of "clouds and water light floating violet".
D:30cm BD:15cm
This piece of magnetic state kiln plate, wearing deep brown color, single plate heart white fetal, bottom "yuan you four years may wucheng li guikan made" twelve words. The calligraphy is fluent and natural, which was written by the kiln workers at that time, but also left a precious record of the year of manufacture, which has become an excellent specimen of the appraisal of the song cizhou kiln today. Yuan you four years for the year 1089, when song zhezong was fourteen years old, the empress dowager gao curtain ruling, sima guang, wen yanbo, cheng yi yuan you party dangshi. Once also opposed to the reform of wang anshi su shi, at this time found that sima guang people or not much, feel their ideas can not accommodate the new party, and can not forgive the old party, so from the outside, in addition to the hangzhou governor. It was about four years from June to July, 922 years ago.
鬥彩雲龍紋高足碗,敞口,深弧壁,高圈足,碗內暗刻雲龍紋飾,碗心刻團雲紋,這種暗刻裝飾在正德年間是極為罕見的。 Doucai yunlongwen high foot bowl, open, deep arc wall, high circle foot, dark carving yunlong decoration inside the bowl, the heart of the bowl carved cloud pattern, this kind of dark carving decoration in zhengde period is very rare.

This respect guanyin expression of poise, solemn. Screwy hair, high bun, round face, beaded chain chain, wrapped in filaments, shoulder-length surplice with parallel folds of surplice, feet disembodied in lotus position. Guanyin back light carving flying music, holding various Musical Instruments, the edge of the flame decoration. Bodhisattva like the back light is very vivid, not only in the natural and unrestrained lotus petal chisel Buddha, and the whole back light in the fairy music, flying divinity, the edge of the flame is strong, very vivid. Tong body fine gold, carved fine, colorful abnormal, for the tang dynasty statue of the top grade, especially precious rare.
This statue has solid gold gilding, magnificent and powerful shape, graceful tassels, precise and agile details, and Buddha's face is decorated with clay and gold, decorated with colorful materials and inlaid with precious stones. It is originated from the two sculpture traditions of Tibet and Nepal.

清 竹根雕十八羅漢坐騎像
“寧可食無肉,不可居無竹”,竹在中國文化中素有吉祥的寓意,受到歷代宮廷和文人的喜愛。這套十八羅漢像用十八枚竹根精心雕刻而成,由於天然生長的竹根形狀不規則,所以收集適合十八羅漢的材料極其不易。此外,竹根雕不同於木雕,石雕和泥塑,竹根壁薄心空,外硬內軟,雕刻的難度非常大。而這套十八羅漢坐騎像造型設勢,綽裕自如,毫無受竹材約限之感,足見其稀罕珍貴。十八羅漢均呈坐姿,坐於十八只不同種類的坐騎之上,從飛禽走獸到魚龍螃蟹,還有一些傳說中的神獸,千姿百態,栩栩如生。 羅漢們手持法器,身著華衣,生動傳神,連衣服的褶皺都刻劃的很清晰,尤其利用材質肌理表現人物頭頂和鬍鬚,刀法縱逸流暢,令人賞心悅目。坐騎的刻畫尤為精細,從五官到四肢,從犄角到尾巴都完整細緻,周身各角度經過精心設計與雕琢。此套十八羅漢坐騎像材質罕見,刀工精湛,大氣磅礴,震撼人心,具有極佳的觀賞性和藝術價值,是一套極具收藏和投資價值的珍稀藝術品。
Bamboo is very important and popular plant in Chinese culture.This arhat statues is carved with eighteen bamboo roots.  It is very difficult to find eighteen bamboo roots fit for carving arhats because of its naturally irregular shape.On the other hand,Carving of bamboo roots is much more difficult than wood carving and stone carving because bamboo roots have a hard outside shell and soft inside with thin culm-wall and a hollow inside. However, these Eighteen Arhats are in very comfortable and natural posture without any showing any of the constraints of  material of the bamboo roots. The feature is truely rare and precious. All the Eighteen Arhats sit on eighteen different creatures in diverse poses. They include creatures flying in the sky, running on the ground, swimming in the water, and even some mythological beasts. Each arhat holds a Buddhist instrument dressed in finery. Even minuets details such as the folds of their clothes are meticulously carved. Especially the use of bamboo root texture to depict heads and beards through fluent carving skills reveals a natural beauty of the carving work.  The carving of characters are quite exquisite and complete. All aspects of their bodies are carefully designed and sculptured from face to limbs, horn to tail. This grand and stunning art work caved of a rare material by masterly cutting skills has excellent ornamental and artistic values. It is a rare work of art with extraordinary values in collection and investment.

清 紫砂仿生南瓜
H:10.5cm D:14.5cm
This exquisite pumpkin ornament that depicts how a melon should look like as well as lifelike stalk texture.The proportion is very harmonious.A gecko crawls upon the top of the melon stalking a small ladybug,so interesting and adorable. Through a heart shaped hole in the pumpkin a small black mouse peeks it's nose out a little bit. How funny it is!The creator integrates realism in this piece and makes it look like natural artwork under his ingenious design and superb craftsmanship. With its interesting appeal and art dimensions, this ornament is a great addition for collectors and well worth the investment.

L:18.4cm H:9cm
此壺頸平,雲肩,身稍扁,偏腹,魚鈕,蓋形簡潔流暢,母子線口蓋嚴絲合縫。線條飄逸優美,雅致至極。壺身飽滿,壺嘴、把手等輪廓線既照應又和諧,生動自然,宛若生成。壺肩、圍刻花卉圖案,壺身由高級工藝美術師束旦生先生鐵筆鐫刻,一面刻寒梅兩束,另一面刻字“清泉石上流” 落款為“石雪”(束旦生)。 花卉紋為浮雕、琢砂刻法,美觀大方。整器造型古樸生動,線條優美,具韻律感,典雅素麗,採用精段綠泥,壺色渾厚深沉,瑩潤如玉,線條至簡卻氣度非凡,充分體現了精妙絕倫的紫砂魅力及藝術感染力。工藝精湛,包漿自然,整體造型古樸典雅,壺雄健嚴謹,大雅而深意無窮,散發著東方藝術的特色,令人感到此壺大氣磅礴,一氣呵成,壺嘴壺身壺把渾然一體相連,無跡可求,精巧中透出自然之氣,為壺中精品。而且設計獨到,用料上乘,造型乖巧,讓人愛不釋手,更被文人雅士所喜愛,是壺藝收藏不可多得的精品之一,也是周桂珍巔峰之作中最得意之作,價值不菲,此壺難求,值得收藏。This pot neck flat, shoulder cloud, body slightly flat, partial abdomen, fish button, cover shape simple and smooth, mother and child thread mouth cover tightly closed. Elegant lines, elegant extremely. Full body, spout, handle and other contour line both take care of and harmonious, vivid natural, like generation. The shoulder of the pot is engraved with a flower design. The body of the pot is engraved with an iron pen by Mr. Shu dansheng, a senior craft artist. Flower pattern for relief, cut sand, beautiful and generous. The whole machine is simple and vivid in shape, graceful in line, with a sense of rhythm, elegant and beautiful, with fine section of green mud, the pot color is deep and deep, jade-like, simple in line but extraordinary bearing, fully reflecting the exquisite unmatched purple sand charm and artistic appeal. Exquisite workmanship, natural grouting, simple and elegant overall shape, the pot is vigorous and rigorous, refined and profound meaning is infinite, emitting the characteristics of Oriental art, it makes people feel that the pot is magnificent, one breath, the spout of the pot is connected, no trace can be found, exquisite in full of natural gas, for the quality of the pot. And the design is original, with superior materials, modelling clever, let a person fondle fondly, more by the literati love, is one of the rare collection of fine pot art, is also the most proud of zhou guizhen's peak work, the value is not cheap, this pot is hard to find, worth collecting.

Gu jingzhou (1915-1996), formerly known as jingzhou. Nickname: man xi, thin ping, wuling yi, jing nanshan qiao. Since the number pot old, old ping. Yixing purple sand artist, member of Chinese artists association, master of Chinese arts and crafts. His achievements in pot art are extremely high, with exquisite skills and a wide range of materials. Can be said to be the most successful one in modern pottery, the reputation enjoyed can be comparable to the Ming dynasty when dabin, known as the "generation master", "pot master".

It is said that the venerable varnavas had diligently practiced the dharma in the forests of mount seva, and had finally attained the position of arakhan. Thangka as a whole with green landscape as the background, han wind rich, decorated with flowers and rivers. The picture is vivid, unique, flowing out of harmony and natural artistic beauty.

W:19cm H:24cm WT:11kg
This item for iron meteorite also known as iron, early fall in xinjiang, weight about 11kg. Peculiar shape, the appearance of natural impact, there is a black shell, big small print obviously visible, iron density, hardness high, magnetic strong, visible different shapes of the groove, preserved intact, the shell is complete, bright surface, black bright, with a high ornamental value, in line with scientific research and archaeological research. This iron meteorite contains a lot of rare minerals inside, and the molten crust glows in the sun. It is rare in terms of weight, historical value and scientific value, and has unlimited potential for appreciation. In addition, still contain a variety of metallic mineral material, extremely rare, value is very considerable, very suitable for investment and collection.

This is an embryo of a planet from mercury to Mars, rich in rare types of olivine primordial material, the main substance, very rare, with high scientific and collection value.

Natural high nickel meteorite, the typical characteristics of high altitude fall, air print, landing on the ground, the formation of the characteristics of the back obvious, nickel iron mixed with thin stone pattern. Historically, low-altitude bursts of iron meteorite fragments have high levels of nickel and iron and never rust. Because low-altitude burst meteorites only happen a few times, and because the earth's surface is mostly soil and sand, meteorite debris is easily covered and lost, so it is very rare.

虎,被譽為 “獸中之王” ,是勇猛與力量的象徵,為人民所敬畏,中國人崇虎的文化意識,已經成為中華民族一種文化觀念。歷代畫家也常常以虎為題材,構圖作畫,寓意人們生活的福財兩旺、祥和安康,展現中華民族生生不息,龍騰虎躍的精神追求。畫家王建民,中國畫虎名家,中國畫虎第一村四大虎王”之一,王建民老師主攻工筆動物畫,擅長畫虎。其作品多次獲得國家大獎,其作品出口到韓國、日本、美國及加拿大等國被廣為收藏。王建民老師的《百虎圖》作品色彩鮮明、質感細膩、維妙維肖、形態各異、栩栩如生、呼之欲出、令人叫絕,其畫幅尺寸更是在作品中及其少見,也寓意著中國發展給人民帶來安定。收藏價值和觀賞性俱佳。
The tiger, known as the "king of beasts", is a symbol of valor and power. It is revered by the people. The cultural consciousness of Chinese people to worship the tiger has become a cultural concept of the Chinese nation. The painters of past dynasties often took the tiger as the subject matter, composed pictures and painted pictures, which implied the prosperity of people's life, peace and well-being, and showed the spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation, which is endless and vigorous. The painter wang jianmin, a famous tiger painter in China, is one of the four tiger Kings in the first village of Chinese tiger painting. His works have won many national awards, and his works have been exported to Korea, Japan, the United States, Canada and other countries and widely collected. Teacher wang jianmin's "100 tigers" works are bright in color, delicate in texture, perfect in shape, vivid, vividly, vividly, amazing, and its size is rare in the works, which also implies that China's development brings stability to the people. Both collectable and ornamental.

L:90cm W:43cm
Stamp: the treasure of the imperial pen. Tongzhi, named aixin gioro zichun, xianfeng and cixi zi, was the eighth emperor of the qing dynasty after entering the pass. 1861-1875.




L:78cm W:60cm
Wang yuanqi (1642-1715), styled MAO jing, also known as lu tai, also known as shi shi dao ren, descendants of xilu, was a native of taicang, jiangsu province. Wang yuanqi's painting style is beautiful and verdant, and he attaches great importance to the beauty of brush and ink. In his painting, the landscape is first painted and then rendered again and again. The colored landscape is often used as "light crimson", which can be described as ripe but not sweet, raw but not astringent, light but thick, solid and clear.