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Auction introduction
Auction theme: Bullock 2019 Oriental Classic Art Auction
Auction time: September 28th - September 29th, 2019
Auction Category: Porcelain. Jade. Painting and Calligraphy. Miscellaneous. Coins
WT:13.3g D:3.36cm
In the 22nd year of the reign of emperor guangxu, beiyang machinery bureau produced a silver coin of 50 cents, which was the most rare coin of each face value cast in that year. This coin was deeply moulded, with clear words, full dragon scale on the back, smooth and delicate on the bottom, beautiful and magnificent, with top quality.

大清銀幣光緒三十年湖北省造 庫平一兩 一組兩枚
D:4.53cm WT:37.6g
In the 30th year of guangxu reign of qing dynasty (1904), hubei province cast, cast in the qing dynasty silver dollar unit 'yuan, two' argument occurred, advocated to take kuping 'two' as the unit when the upper hand, after because of contrary to the folk custom and stop casting, use time is very short, the amount of casting, especially the large character version.

The left side of the front of the first edition of RMB 10,000 yuan "herding tu" is herding tu, and the main color is purple. On the back of the flower symbol and Mongolian line name and face value, the main color is tawny. The ticket was issued in Mongolia, reflecting Mongolian characteristics. Mu ma tu is the most precious one in the first set of RMB. Due to its extremely short circulation time, great difficulty in preservation and extremely scarce amount of money in the world, mu ma ticket is praised as the first of the "twelve treasures" and the "king of currency Kings". This ticket is in good condition, with more than 90% of its appearance.

WT:26.3g D:3.9cm
The central bead circle on the front of the coin is engraved with the Chinese characters "guangxu yuanbao", the upper end of the bead is engraved with the Chinese characters "made in hunan province", the lower end with the Chinese characters "kuping seven yuan and two cents", and the left and right ends are engraved with a long six-flower star. Rare in the world, the design cast exquisite, has important cultural significance and collection value.

D:3.95cm WT:26.9g
This coin has the original light of one yuan in 23 years of the republic of China, and the colorful color of the original light. The front of the coin has the pattern of the profile of sun yat-sen, which carries the words "in 23 years of the republic of China" above the figure. The back of the coin has the pattern of a two-masted sailboat sailing on the sea. In the design of the BiMian, this double sails currency is hundreds of process technician is the crystallization of the wisdom and unique aesthetic, overall modelling harmony, exquisite design, and the money are angled surface reveal light metallic luster, bright is dazzing, through the reference and the refraction of light, still the antiquity dappled COINS wrapped slurry, plus double sails on the market are less common, so inspired myriad collectors competing, it serves to show its value.

WT:26.8g D:3.9cm
The coin for the tianjin mint trial casting, design extremely exquisite. On the front, there is a bust of Dr. Sun yat-sen and a chronological inscription. On the back, there is a globe and a double flag in the middle. The value of collection is extremely high.

D:3.9cm WT:27g
The silver dollar design is exquisite, the connotation is profound. Front of a warrior, standing on the shore head, proud of the world. In his left hand he holds the meter shield, and in his right hand he holds the trident. The left and right sides of the bead circle are divided into English one-dollar (ONE circle). On the back of the central Chinese seal character "longevity", the Chinese line up and down the body "a round", around the Malay "a round".

D:2.37cm WT:5.2g
"Xuantong ingot made in the three northeast provinces" is very famous in the qing dynasty, mainly because of the beautiful artistic shape of the dragon, the foot on the auspicious clouds, clouds and fog, the momentum, travel in the universe. Exquisite workmanship is a peak of silver coin manufacturing in qing dynasty. This xuantong ingot is 10 degrees anticline. The guangxu yuan treasure is exquisite in appearance. The front of the coin clearly shows the combination of manchu and han culture, while the back clearly marks the intervention of eastern culture. Guangxu yuanbao anticline 19 degrees. This group of COINS has the features of anticline, which is of high collection value.

WT:9.7g D:3.4cm
The history of this coin endowed it with bronze rust, but it can still be seen from its information, the face of the "chongning tongbao" official script to read, primitive and square, light back, bone bone xiuge clear, patching paste natural.

WT:8g D:3.04cm
Song yuan bao, one of the ancient Chinese COINS. The first year of the yasukuni war in the jian-zhong of zhao (1101 AD) was cast by huizong of song dynasty.

WT:27.3g D:3.98cm
The front central bead circle engrave with Chinese characters "guangxu yuan bao", the upper part of the circle engrave "made in jiangnan province", the lower part engrave weight "kuping seven yuan two cents", the left and right sides of engrave age "jiachen", "jia" the upper side engrave English "TH", "Chen" the upper side engrave English "HAH". Its back flat dragon grain scales chic, such as pearl inlaid, no matter the text and decoration, are very precise, concave bright. Because it is not easy to use in circulation, so cast amount is extremely rare, more precious. In particular, jiangnan jiachen TH version, the essence of technology, when the leading guangxu yuanbao.

WT:26.8g D:3.97cm
Guangdong province to build guangxu wing ssangyong life of word COINS casting Yu Guangxu thirty-one years (1905) years, to commemorate the dowager 60th birthday and casting, is one of the top ten treasures in the mechanism of modern currency, was full to the positive Chinese "guangxu ingots" four word, for the bat design on both sides, for double blessing, for dragon playing back bead, inside the circle life of character design, to live long and proper, compared with good, clear font, shape neat, well-preserved, generally speaking, the qing court reward the coin to dignitaries, not actual circulation, so the circulation is not big, is precious!

Yuanfeng tongbao one of the ancient Chinese COINS. There are small folds, twos and tights. The calligraphy style has seal script, running script, official script three kinds, each pair of money. Plate don't extremely complex, which with back month xiaoping money, xiaoping big character seal book, official script is rare. This group of ancient COINS look complete, coating natural. With high collection and historical value.

WT:6.7g D:2.88cm
Coin front central engrave golden harvest figure and three horizontal lines, very unique. On the outside of the bead circle, engraved "hunan province constitution founding commemorative coin", engraved "January 1, the 11th year of the republic of China", engraved currency "when ten" on the left and right sides; Coin back of the central bead circle engrave cross double flag, the peripheral ring engrave English words. The coin is handed down to the later generations and has obvious circulation trace, which has high historical significance and collecting value.

WT:27.1g D:3.97cm
Xuantong three years before the release of the qing dynasty silver COINS, the layout is different from the official circulation of COINS, mirror bottom refined, exquisite carving, not issued, the amount of casting is very small. This coin is deep and steep, yunlong is vividly portrayed, the scales of the dragon are full, cast well, the touch sense is obvious, the pattern is clear, its special place is the dragon's beard curly, commonly known as qu xuulong, is the classic of the late qing dynasty mechanism coin, after a hundred years of circulation, the existence is rare, with high collection value and artistic value.

WT:26.9g D:3.9cm
宣統三年(1911年)鑄造,曲須龍版,由義大利籍雕刻師路易奇.喬治(GIORGI)親自設計雕刻,鑄造精美,龍紋形態逼真,雲朵層次分明,盡顯皇家風範,具代表性,是清代最精美的銀元,由於宣統在位時間短,所以鑄造並不多,存世稀少,包漿渾厚,保存完好,收藏珍品!Xuantong three years (1911) casting, qu dragon edition, by Italian sculptor Louis. George (GIORGI) personally design, carving exquisite casting, dragon pattern is clear, the clouds distinct, all show the royal demeanor, representative, is the most elegant silver, qing dynasty due to xuantong reign time is short, so not many casting, exiguous, patina is thick, well-preserved, treasures!

In xuantong, the qing dynasty silver coin yiyuan was briefly circulated in the market, but it was extremely rare. Inside the central bead circle on the front face is "large qing silver coin" in Chinese, on the outer edge is "large qing silver coin" in manchu script, on the lower edge is the value of one yuan, and on the left and right side are the bells. It has a dragon figure on the back, a "made in xuantong year" on the upper side, a face value of the lower one, and the decorative decorations on the left and right of each other. It has a clear bottom, well-preserved, first-class appearance and quite collectable value.

D:3.9cm  WT:26.8g
光緒二十二年北洋機器局造壹圓銀幣一枚,是中國最早以圓為面額單位的銀幣,鑄行時間短暫,存世極罕,此枚為流傳有緒之名家舊藏,字口清晰,全龍鱗滿打,原味一色包漿,品相頂級,PCGS MS63。
"In the 22nd year of guangxu emperor, beiyang machinery bureau made one dollar silver coin, which was the earliest coin with round denomination in China. The casting time was short and the existence in the world was extremely rare.
About the end of the 22nd year of guangxu emperor, beiyang machinery bureau began to make silver yuan, and the series of silver yuan made in the 22nd year of guangxu emperor, which was originally produced in small quantities, became even rarer.

袁世凱像中華民國共和紀念幣壹圓金幣 簽字版
D:3.9cm WT:37.6g
Yuan shikai like the republic of China commemorative coin one yuan signed version of a gold coin, in the first year of the republic of China (AD 1912), the Italian sculptor George was employed in tianjin mint, engraved mold, by the tianjin mint cast yuan shikai in military uniform high yingguan front like the republic of China republic commemorative gold coin. Rare in the world, the original light extremely beautiful goods, not to use supplies.

民國三年袁大頭中圓銀幣一組,共三枚,分別面額為每“每兩枚當一此組錢幣手感極佳,紋飾線條粗細均勻,浮雕感強烈,用手觸之,可以感受到紋飾凹凸有致的觸感;放大鏡下分析文圖精確、包漿自然, 邊齒細緻勻稱,規整劃一, 緊密平整,無毛孔,有柔和感反之多砂眼,毛孔版面顯得粗糙,幣面有凸起的細粒狀;聲音清韻柔和,音色清脆柔長;本品受廣大泉友關注度高,具有極高的收藏研究價值!
Min dynasty three years yuan big head in a group of three silver dollars, respectively denomination "every two when a round". The overall description is fine, smooth and natural lines, the font is correct and neat, delicate and elegant, meticulous brush, the details are clearly visible, very meticulous; This product receives the general spring friend attention high, has the extremely high collection research value!

D:3cm WT:7.4g
"Qingli heavy treasure" was cast during the qingli period of renzong of the northern song dynasty (1041-1048 AD). This qingli heavy treasure bronze refined, written bone xiuge clear, clear qian wen, it is fine.