Notes from famous collectors: the rise of black power from B

 INDUSTRY NEWS     |      2019-07-31 16:05

[collector zeng wenquan contributed specially] art Basel in Switzerland, the largest art fair in the world, attracted more than 90,000 visitors during the six-day exhibition period in June. In a town of 200,000 people, more than 300 private jets take off and land at the small airport every day. On the opening day, Rihanna, the world's richest singer, took Hassan Jameel, her Arab boyfriend, who has a Jameel gallery in dubai -- just a sideshow.
European and American Art circles began to create "Black Power" last year. In 2017, Soul of Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power at Tate London systematically combed the history of east and west coast Black Art in the United States, forming a huge mainstream. There are lectures, performances and hot topics during the exhibition. Then, at the Venice biennale "May You Live in Interesting Times" in May, black artists shone at an awards ceremony. Arthur Jafa received the individual golden lion award. The artist, who played a key role in Spike Lee's films, won for "White Album". The theme of the film revolves around racism, with re-edited web videos, YouTube, news reports and personal videos.
Following the previous black painter Mark Bradford, Martin Puryear, a black artist who sculpted the spirit of freedom in America, will lead the pavilion. The Venice biennale's special prize went to Otobong, a black Nigerian woman artist. The market caught the scent of this, and agency galleries began rolling out work by black artists in Basel.

MARTIN ・'s (MARTIN PURYEAR), HIS EMINENCE, sale price is $286000.

The artist
Kerry James Marshall

The surge into Basel came after Kerry James Marshall, a black artist from Chicago, set a new high of $21 million with his painting "Past Times" -- six works cleared in a matter of hours, and the new "untitled" sold for $3.7 million.

KERRY JAMES MARSHALL, "days of old," $21,114,500.

BARKLEY l. HENRICKS, "YOCKS," $3,740,000.