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Bullock International Auctions Co., Ltd. is one of the top international auction houses,Founded in London in the 19th century,
Incorporated in 1868.
Bullock auction house provides services with international auctions, private purchase, art fund investment and other diversified forms,It has established its own collection system and investment direction guidance for collectors and collectors from all over the world. Now, through cooperation with well-known art institutions in Europe, North America and Asia, it promotes the long-term development of global art collection on the international stage.

Business development
Bullock International has offices in major cities around the world.Provide a variety of art services to individuals and groups with a collection of hobbies and investments.And held auctions in the UK, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Italy, Canada, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and other places.It mainly includes European antiques, various oil paintings, Asian art, modern and contemporary high-end arts and crafts, jewelry and jade jewelry, and many other high-end art objects.
Bullock International will always provide the most abundant and forward-looking collection and investment advisory services to Chinese people all over the world in a professional and extreme manner.

London is the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) and one of the world’s largest financial centres.
It is also known as "Newport Harbor" with New York and Hong Kong. Brock International Auctions is constantly evolving under the strong economic, financial and cultural conditions of London, England,
And continue to absorb a large number of high-quality talent in the UK, currently Bullock International Auctions Co., Ltd. has grown into one of the most promising international auction houses.
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